Jack Packard

Jack Packard is an American editor and actor, best known for his work at Funny or Die and RedLetterMedia.

Packard has written and co-created a few Funny or Die short skits like “Hey, Pass Me A Beer!”, “Real Life Angry Birds” and High-Five Hollywood! (2008).

He met the RedLetterMedia crew in early 2000s and started working with Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman and Rich Evans on multiple short films like The Western Ore Musical (2009) and The Great Space Jam (2011) as well as appearing in feature length films Gorilla Interrupted (2003), Feeding Frenzy (2010) and Space Cop (2016).

Next to these films, Packard appears regularly in various RedLetterMedia YouTube shows like Half in the Bag (2011), Best of the Worst (2013), re:View (2016) and multiple Plinkett reviews.

Packard also co-hosts a gaming channel called Previously Recorded (2014) with Rich Evans under the RedLetterMedia banner. The channel features let’s plays and extensive reviews of new releases.

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