Jack Bank

Jack Bank is an award-winning actor, writer, and filmmaker. Born in New York City, Jack expressed an appetite for the arts early on, with his love of music. Playing several instruments from a young age, Jack began writing songs in his teens.

Jack was always a musician, but a near fatal accident put Jack’s creative endeavors out of reach for some time. After a long recovery period, a close friend urged Jack to rekindle his passion for the arts, and suggested he take a fresh approach, consider acting. On reflection, Jack enrolled at the Michael Howard Studios, in New York. He has continued his acting journey ever since.

For a number of years, Jack honed his craft on New York theatre stages. A natural entertainer, he brought the house down, as Barry in ‘Sleeping Beauty… or Coma’ and received favorable reviews for his performance in the New York City Fringe Festival play ‘The Working Week or Sunday Rest’.

Jack’s first notable on-screen work was playing the role of Guy, in the award-winning ABC daytime drama TV series ‘One Life to Live’, and has since appeared in many films, with notable actors such as; Angela Sarafyan (Westworld), Steven Bauer (Ray Donovan), Andre Royo (Empire), Carmen Electra (Scary Movie), famed comedienne Sandra Bernhard and Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts, among others.

It was his work in his earlier films, that piqued Jack’s interest in filmmaking. He went on to write, direct and act in a trio of short-film comedies for the film festival circuit. His first effort, ‘All Bookies Wear Speedos’, won numerous film festival awards, and had a performance from legendary talk show and radio host Joe Franklin, who appeared in the original ‘Ghostbusters’ and Woody Allen’s ‘Broadway Danny Rose’.

On the heels of his filmmaking success, Jack starred in other films as an actor-director including; ‘Gangster’s Crib’, which won Best Short Comedy at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, and ‘Interpersonal Exopolitics’, working with Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Fred Melamed (A Serious Man) and Jessica Morris, who he had met on the set of ‘One Life to Live’.

It was during this time that Jack added stand-up comedy to his repertoire of talents. He studied with renowned comedy coach Stephen Rosenfield. Jack has performed at many well-known comedy hot spots such as Caroline’s, Gotham Comedy Club and Stand-Up New York, among other venues.

Jack, who resides in Los Angeles, but still spends time in New York, is slated to be in several upcoming film projects. He also has two feature films currently in development including; the thriller ‘Yin Gateway’, and comedy ‘True Blue Balls’.

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