J.R. Adduci

JR Adduci has been acting professionally since the age of sixteen. He received his formal training from the American musical dramatic academy in NYC and then went on to train with the late Gene Frankel. JR maintains a strong relationship with his coach and mentor Bill Balzac and believes that every role he takes on weather it be stage or film, an opportunity to grow and fine tune his craft is just waiting to be discovered.JR considers himself the modern day try coastal traveling minstrel. while he travels frequently for auditions and work to New York City and Los Angeles, as well as many other cities in the US, he maintains a home with his wife and three dogs in Charlotte NC. as a Charlotte Local actor JR has been blessed with supreme exposer through a huge marketing campaign where he literally is “the face” of the company, Morris Jenkins. Although he is widely known as Bobby( the slow but lovable character he plays in the morris jerkin adds) he has been nominated and won awards for his work on the charlotte stages. taking on iconic and legendary roles like RP McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Stanley Kowalski in A Street Car Named Desire, Denny In A Steady Rain, Iago in Othello, Petruchio in Taming Of The Shrew, Edgar in King Lear , and most recently as Thomas in Venus In Fur. JR is A member of Actors Equity, SAG, and AFTRA and is no stranger to a set. while he supports his family solely through Acting he also started a film and video production company with his wife Sumanah Khan called Famous No.Body.He produces directs and writes projects of all sizes enjoys the ins and outs of creating cinematic content.Another side project he works on is developing his music. involved with the hip hop world since the early nineties he has cultivated himself into a home grown hip hop Artist with diverse range and abstract delivery. Currently he is working on his solo album self titled ADDUCI and contributes verses on various projects , more recently the group United Statements.

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