Holger Moncada Jr.

Pronounced like the coffee, Folger’s, but with an “H”, Holger was born in Wiesbaden, Germany from Ecuadorian parents, Holger’s father was in the U.S. Military where he grew up in Europe until he was 6 years old. Upon reaching stateside when he was 12, he had his first foray into acting by participating in community theater in West Texas and New Mexico. Later, Los Angeles came calling where he has appeared in several TV shows and commercials, such as Jane The Virgin, Scorpion, Criminal Minds and Prison Break. He’s also had recurring roles on FX’s Saint George, starring George Lopez, Amazon Prime’s Hand of God, starring Ron Perlman and Future Man, where he plays a set of twin brothers. Holger is a music fanatic and loves to sing in his car. He has a valid passport and is willing to travel.

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