H.B. Haggerty

Fearsome looking, bald headed and usually mustachioed character actor, born Donald J. Stansauk on 2nd April 1925, in Los Angeles, California. However, after playing pro football with the Detroit Lions & Green Pay Packers, Stansauk became a professional wrestler and changed his name to H.B Haggerty (the H.B. stood for “Hard Boiled”!)

Haggerty wrestled in the AWA for many years, and at one time shared the Tag Team Championship Belt with fellow wrestler, later turned actor, Lenny Montana.

With his physical size and imposing looks, Haggerty usually played thugs, gangsters and other shady villains. Probably, most well known for his appearance as the menacing wrestler “Billy Kiss” slugging it out with a young Jackie Chan in Battle Creek Brawl (1980). He died on January 27th, 2004 as the result of a stroke.

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