Guillermo Blanco

Since childhood, the desire to fulfill his dreams has led Guillermo Blanco to venture into several Latin American countries. At age 17, after graduating from high school and studying Graphic Design in his native Peru, he left home looking for opportunities in the acting world facing bravely the challenges in his way. After a brief time in Argentina he returned to Peru with the desire to fulfill his dream intact. His journey took him to Colombia in 2009 to study acting at Alfonso Ortiz academy and Casa Ensamble. In addition to multiple commercials, self-contained drama series gave Guillermo his first chances in television. Some of the titles he stared on were ”Mujeres al Límite” and ”Tu Voz Estéreo”.

In 2012 he achieved his first telenovela appearance in ”Allá te espero”, one of the most important productions in Colombia during that year. Then his career continued with his participation in ”El Blog de Majo” (Lit: Majo’s blog), ”Venganza” (Adaptation of ABC Revenge), ”Metastasis” (Breaking Bad Adaptation) and ”La Fiesta del Chivo” (The feast of the goat). He achieved great recognition among the public with his interpretation of Santiago León in ”El Laberinto de Alicia” (Lit: Alicia’s labyrinth), a winning production of the TV y Novelas award for best series in 2014. His recent participation in series such as ”Francisco el matemático” (Lit: Francisco de mathematician) and ”La Reina del Flow” (formerly known as The Queen Of flow ), the most successful Latin American Series in Netflix strengthened his recognition among the Colombian and Latin American public. Thus he became one of the most important youth actors in the Hispanic market and a personality in social networks.

In 2014, eager to continue his training as an actor and explore new horizons, he went to New York to study at the Stella Adler HB Studio School. Since then, this place has become a refuge to which he constantly returns whenever he has free spaces between projects.

With more than 700,000 followers in his social networks and several fan clubs, he became an influencer among young audiences. Aware that social networks constitute a big platform, he started producing the web series ”Los del medio”. This was a reality show where along with his actor friends he told the incidents of what it means to make a career in the world of entertainment. In 2015 he won the Trend prize for the Kids Choice Awards, above figures such as Sofía Vergara, J Balvin and Paola Turbay. Later on, in 2017 he accomplished one of his most important goals: to work in his homeland. The dream came true when he was called to participate in ”Colorina”, a telenovela produced by América TV that in Peru had great ratings and earned him recognition in his country.

In 2018 he got a role in the world of cinema in Peru with the film ”Enigma Oculto” (Lit: Hidden enigma), a film set in the nineties that tells the story of Peruvian army soldiers who must confront a group of terrorists. Guillermo’s last project in Colombia was ”Bolívar”, a series that tells the life of the liberator and will be one of the great bets of Netflix Latin America for this 2019.

Now the actor is in the city of Los Angeles, where he will begin to explore the US market.

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