Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony Guihan was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He shares his wonderful parents John and MaryAnn with his brother Brian and sister Michele. He was introduced to the theater by his mother who worked doing costumes for the Cheyenne Little Theater. His family later moved to a suburb of Seattle, Washington called Auburn. It was in Auburn where Greg attended Heavier Than Air Family Theater Summer Stock and enjoyed the feeling of performing on a stage. He did plays from “The Wizard of Oz,” to “Grease”, to “Little Shop of Horrors.” Greg owes much of his success to a man named Joe Baker for paying two years of his college and sending him to workshops and schools on mastering reaction and action for the stage. Greg later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong goal of being a Stuntman and Actor. He earned his first stunt audition for the movie Deuces Wild, and landed the job as “Little Jack’s” Stunt Double and also playing a Viper. He then went on to do movies such as Planet of the Apes, Constantine, Jarhead, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Ocean’s 13, Iron Man and the list continues to grow. Greg also works on television shows and commercials.

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