Gonzalo Vivanco

Born in 1972 Chile (the year before the dictatorship seized power), famed South American actor Gonzalo Vivanco is widely recognized for his versatility, which perhaps is directly connected to the fact that the Chilean-born television and film star has lived in eight different countries. In his first six years, his parents moved young Gonzalo and his even younger brother to Argentina, then to Ecuador, then to Venezuela, finally returning the boys to Santiago, Chile to live with their grandparents. At age 12, he returned to Venezuela to live with his mother, a painter, and his father, a commercial engineer. There he remained for two years, until age 14, when Gonzalo was awarded a scholarship to learn English, which moved him to Nebraska as a foreign exchange student for two years. It was during his time living in the United States that he fell in love with the performing arts. Returning yet again to his native Chile, Gonzalo enrolled in the Business Administration program at Santiago’s esteemed Mariscal Sucre University. Feeling unfulfilled after three years, he left the program to pursue his dream of working as an actor.

Gonzalo moved to the Czech Republic to train with the legendary Jerzy Grotowsky. Finishing the program, he returned home to Chile for the 4th time, in order to continue his studies at the National TV Network Talent Academy. It was here that had the rare experience in being trained in mime by the legendary Marcel Marceau. In 1999, Gonzalo moved to Miami, Florida and almost immediately went to work in television on Spanish-language network series for Telemundo and Univision. Through the course of his illustrious career, he has appeared on-stage in over 25 theater productions, has built a stellar resume/curriculum as a big name in Spanish-language filmed entertainment, with a body of work including major film roles and numerous series leads in dozens of top-rated Spanish language television shows in both the U.S. and with U.S. affiliate networks in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. As of 2012, with his sights set internationally, Gonzalo signed with an American manager in order to expand his body of work into English language projects. In addition to his career as a performer, Gonzalo is a published author, having written a book of poetry and verse and entitled “Entre Las Arepas y Las Carimañolas (The Things I Love)” (Colombia 2012).

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