George Haralabopoulos

late teens/early 20s: nebbish charming, oddball sexy, charming introvert. think Matt Bennett or Christopher mintz-plasse. his odd anxiousness is a deeply endearing quality…George is super easy to like. a good friend to hold on too. he’s the underdog you root for. highly intelligent, George is superb for the “tech guy” with geek vibes who just wants to fit in with everyone around him – like Curtis on “arrow” (played by echo kellum). even though he’s shy by nature – George is passionate and doesn’t let that hold him down, and he takes the chance…even if it blows up in his face. he will get all awkward when speaking to a girl…but he will go for it! this is where we get his wonderful contradiction: George is the hero in an awkward package – he can rise up to save the day – to be the one who stands up for the victim and faces down the bully. he’s the quirky far-too-young CEO you underestimate, who surprises you with his courage to stand up for his employees, even if it means screwing up another company to get what he and his co-workers deserve. George, the Greek hipster-like bill nye with buddy holly glasses, an understated wit, and real charm…George will do very well as the teen/early adult friend to the lead.

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