Fox Harris

Fox Harris was a marvelously quirky and distinctive character actor who specialized in playing colorful and eccentric supporting roles in offbeat low-budget independent pictures made throughout the 1980’s. Harris was born on May 3rd, 1936 in Pennsylvania. He frequently appeared in movies directed by both Alex Cox and Fred Olen Ray. Best known as the wacky brain-fried lobotomized scientist J. Frank Parnell who drives around Los Angeles in a 1964 Chevy Malibu with dead aliens in the trunk in the terrific science fiction punk black comedy cult classic Repo Man (1984), Harris was likewise memorable as the sickly Dr. Cal Timbergen in the delightfully trashy “Alien” rip-off Forbidden World (1982), flaky entomologist Prof. Whately in Deep Space (1988), the batty Colonel Cox in Warlords (1988), and nutty asylum director Dr. Avol in the astonishingly odd Dr. Caligari (1989). Outside of his film work, Harris was also an active participant in the Los Angeles Theater Group. Fox Harris died on December 27th, 1988 in Century City, California.

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