Florin Piersic

His family left Cluj when it was ceded to Hungary in 1940, and moved to Cernauti after the city’s occupation by Romania the following year. There, his father was appointed to the role of chief municipal veterinary. Later they returned home, and Florin graduated from the High School for Boys No. 3 in Cluj.

Piersic attended the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest. He joined the regular cast of the Romanian National Theater at 1959 and performed in numerous productions until his retirement in 1989. His first role was as Richard in The Devil’s Disciple.

In 1958 he made his debut on screen in the French-Romanian co-production The Thistles of the Baragan. He appeared in more than forty movies, most of them in the Ceausescu era. He often depicted heroic, masculine characters. More recently, he played in a soap opera.

Piersic married thrice: to Tatiana Iekel (their marriage lasted from 1962 to 1974), with whom he had a son, Florin Jr.; To Anna Szeles (1975-1985), the mother of another son, Daniel; and from 1993, he is married to Anna Torok.

Im 2006, he was voted to the 51st place on the 100 greatest Romanians list. At 2008 he became an honorary citizen of Oradea. In 2009, he was bestowed with the lifetime achievement award in the Transilvania International Film Festival.

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