Fintan McKeown

Fintan McKeown is an Irish actor best known for his role as Ser Amory Lorch in the HBO series Game of Thrones, and for appearances in episodes of Merlin, Atlantis and Star Trek: Voyager.

Since the beginning of his career in 1985, McKeown has appeared in numerous films and television series produced in the United Kingdom. Alongside his screen credits, McKeown has been heavily involved with the stage, working alongside actors including Howard Davies, Judi Dench and Daniel Day- Lewis.

With a variety of roles throughout a lengthy career, his work has extended throughout the UK, Europe and America. His role in Star Trek: Voyager entailed him being the only on-screen lover of Captain Janeway. In 2011, he was confirmed in the role as Ser Amory Lorch, a knight sworn to House Lannister. Joining the cast as a guest star in the second season, McKeown’s character was eventually killed off by Jaqen H’ghar at the behest of Arya Stark.

Fintan McKeown has most recently appeared as Igulomerus in the American docudrama Barbarians Rising.

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