Facundo Arana

At 15, Facundos’s best friend took him to his first drama class with Alicia Muzzio. In 1989, doctors detected Hodgkin’s Disease, a kind of cancer which affects lymphatic ganglions, and he had to spend ten month in treatement and five additional years under medical observation. One day, walking up along a subway station with his sax, a street performer invited Facundo to play with him and after that he played his instrument for ten months on his own. Then, Facundo auditioned and got few roles; he became contracted to join the staff of actors in Channel 9 of Argentina, where he participated in ‘Alta Comedia’, ‘Marco el Candidato’ and ‘Hermana Mayor, La’. In the middle of 1995 Facundo got a bit role in the soap opera ‘Perla Negra’, starring Andrea del Boca. The next year he played the part of a romantic- jealous and violent guy in the sitcom Sueltos (1996) and then he was cast in the TV series for teens Montaña rusa, otra vuelta (1996). During the same year Facundo got the role of Rudy in Zíngara (1995), who, ironically, was suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease. In 1997 the Telefe company contracted Facundo to join the cast of ‘Chiquititas’, both third and fourth season. Also, he was working with Arturo Puig and Gastón Pauls in the remake of ‘Rafa, El’, but Facundo’s lucky break came in 1999 when he got the leading role as Ivo in Muñeca brava (1998), starring Natalia Oreiro. His role got acclaim by the audience in his country and abroad. During the year of 2000 Facundo was working in the TV sitcom Buenos vecinos (1999) playing Diego, the romantic character who fell in love of Jimena (played by Malena Solda), an impossible love. His recent works include the series Yago, pasión morena (2001), starring Gianella Neyra and the movie La fuga (2001), which was the 2001 blockbuster in Argentinian theaters.

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