Fabrice Morvan

Born in Paris in 1966 to an architect father and pharmacist mother, Fabrice “Fab” Morvan was training to be a trampoline athlete until a neck injury forced him to reevaluate his direction. He went with his musician/fisherman grandfather to the Caribbean to hone his musical talents. He moved to Germany at eighteen, where he met future Milli Vanilli partner Rob Pilatus in a Munich nightclub. The two broke and homeless men set out to start a “rock and soul” band, and headed to Los Angeles.

Within months of their arrival, they were snapped up by Arista Records, and coupled with producer Frank Farian. Little did they know how much harm that meeting would cause. Farian had studio musicians already lined up, and Morvan and Pilatus were literally locked out of the studio during recording sessions. They’d been hired for their look. The first two singles, title track “Girl You Know it’s True” and “Blame it on the Rain”, were released in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Their instant fame was exactly what they wanted, but proved too much to bear, and reality hit home when they won Grammy Awards for the two singles. They were quickly exposed as “frauds,” and both Farian and Arista Records unfairly claimed ignorance. The two were disgraced and willingly returned their Grammys.

They made a comeback attempt in 1993, dropping the name Milli Vanilli for their own names “Rob and Fab”, this time performing their own music and showcasing their very real musical talents. Despite the utter failure of their return, their millions of fans supported them, knowing that they were the victims in the earlier Milli Vanilli debacle.

Following this, Fabrice Morvan continued to perform around Los Angeles as a solo artist, and ultimately held a nine-month stint as the mid-day host on L.A.’s KIIS-FM. On April 5th, 1998, Morvan lost his longtime friend, brother and recording partner Rob Pilatus to an accidental combination of drugs and alcohol. This tragedy served to strengthen Morvan, and today he continues to perform and record, and he’s extremely popular on the college lecture circuit.

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