Darwyn Swalve

Darwyn (Dar) Swalve began in community theater and his dream was to be in a Broadway play. His acting agent Keith Wolfe placed Darwyn with actor-turned-agent, Morgan Paul, who had contacts in the theater, as well as films. Darwyn’s dream of being in a Broadway show was realized when he landed a role in the award winning Broadway show, “City of Angels.” He played six months at the Shubert Theater in Century City and toured for one year with the show. In the movies in which he played he also did some of his own stunts. Darwyn also did commercials including one for Ford Mustang with Katherine Zeta-Jones. He had just finished a TV series project for Nickelodeon Productions (“The Journey Of Allen Strange”) a few weeks before he passed away in May 1999 from a heart attack.

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