Dariush Moslemi

Born Dariush Anthony Moslemi in Naperville, Illinois, on March 7th, 1979, Dariush was raised in Illinois, Salt Lake City, Utah and later Stillwater, Minnesota by his mother, father, and with fellow actor brother Cyrus Alexander. After high school he went to Iowa State University where his love of science found him pursuing a degree in Astrophysics. A natural with public speaking and the arts though had him move towards Communications instead. After college he became self employed in the financial world.

After a stint as Executive Producer of a play at the Iowa Fringe Festival, “Knuckleball”, and receiving runner up in the festival, Dariush knew that his career in finance wasn’t his true calling. Moving back to Stillwater, Minnesota and opening up Studio One Yoga and Massage with his wife, Dariush had a chance meeting with Executive Producer Scott Peterson at a lawn bowling tournament in Minneapolis. Three days and one audition later Dariush was cast as “Brian”, lead role the “The Current” (2012). Previous to getting the role, Dariush had never acted. Immediately following, he landed a lead role as Jeremy in the horror/comedy short “Ghost Town,” (2012) and later thriller “Group Therapy” (2012) as dubious and violent personality “Zach”. Not long after, Dariush picked up the lead role “John” in the family film “The Elijah Project” (2014). Originally turned down for the role, Dariush came in to the audition for a smaller part, but with the attitude of the lead character the producer and director had him immediately read for “John” and shortly after he had the part.

Dariush currently resides in Stillwater, Minnesota with wife Sarah and their 5 children.

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