Dan Short

Dan Short was born in 1962 and is the son to Alexander and Louise Short. When Dan was 5 (in 1967) he saw a new Camaro and fell in love. He purchased his first Camaro in 1980 when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg NC and saw a smoking beat up 1967 RS SS Camaro running down 210 in Spring Lake NC. After chasing the owner down and badgering him into selling it, Dan spent a few years hanging out at shops and taking classes to learn how to restore it. When it was done, it was the showpiece that would ultimately inspire the creation of FantomWorks. After spending 24 years in the army as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), flying in the 18th Aviation Brigade, and finally building aircraft for the Task Force 160th, Dan left the Army and began FantomWorks. With his gorgeous wife Melissa by his side, Dan created an amazing restoration shop that was “discovered” by Nicolas Valcours of New Dominion Pictures. Nicolas brought Peter Rees (the creator of Myth Busters) to create a sizzle reel that was ultimately picked up by Discovery Velocity.

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