Dan Istrate

A vibrant and versatile actor with musical and movement skills, Mr. Istrate has toured the globe and performed in black box theatres and ornate opera houses. From Gypsy’s to Vampires, doing Tango or singing over the fires, his adept skills in comedy and drama, have been proven playing opposite top actors in three countries. Recurring roles for JJ Abrams, and starring in psy-fy series ensemble roles with intensity and impact. From scientists to super villains and a few crime lords, favorite dialogue in a farce includes “Jihad this and Jihad that” making Mr. Istrate a chameleon for character roles. Recently he directed a film using the Argentine Tango as a metaphor, also portraying the lead, and displaying his romantic essence. Mr. Istrate plays the accordian and has fierce fight skills with swords and tumbling. He is able to act and converse in French, German, Spanish and some Italian besides his native tongue.

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