D. Elliot Woods

Writer, Producer and Actor D. Elliot Woods was born in Indianapolis, IN. Since 1992 Woods has appeared in more than 100 TV, feature film and commercial projects.

The beginning of his career was quite accidental. After a leg injury stalled a promising career in basketball, Woods chose to take an acting class for what he thought would be an easy credit at The Colorado College while recovering. As fate would have it, for his first course, he studied with a visiting professor who turned out to be multi-Award winning Actress Alfre Woodard and she helped him to set aside the idea that this was going to be an ‘easy’ class. Woods credits Ms. Woodard’s “ridiculously irritating enthusiasm” and her willingness to invest herself to help Woods to learn to invest and believe in himself as a person AND as an artist.

It was still be several years after graduating before Woods began to pursue an acting career. But in that time, life experiences gave him even more to draw from and sharpened his eye for human behavior and even fine tuning his naturally dry humor to the nuances of human emotion. After his arrival to the bright lights of Hollywood, Woods gradually grew as a person and, of course, as an artist. As such, so did his desire to share his world view through the art of storytelling which ultimately gave birth to his writing and then his production company, Fly Free Entertainment Inc.

“Good story telling is like reversing light through a prism. Each perspective is like a different color of light that once focused, ultimately becomes a single beam of light. As story tellers, our job is to be sure that you still feel all of the colors even though your eyes only see the one.”

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