Curt McDowell

Curt McDowell, born on January 9, 1945, Lafayette, Indiana, USA as Curtis A. McDowell. He was a director, writer, actor and artist in underground cinema. In the mid sixties he moved to San Francisco to study painting at the S.F. Art Institute, but he soon became interested in filmmaking and transferred to the film department. Curt McDowell relished the spirit of sexual freedom, personal expression and artistic exploration that was very much the spirit of the times in San Francisco. He never stopped painting and drawing but film became his main creative outlet. Underground guru, director George Kuchar, became his partner and mentor. The Roxie Theater in San Francisco was his regular outlet. The owner, Robert Evans his friend and commercial relationship. Curt McDowell nourished the American dream of plenty in pan-sexual terms. His films were literally offbeat, intrusive, erotic, naked, authentic and straight to the point. Curt McDowell was diagnosed with aids and passed away at 42, on June 3, 1987, in San Francisco, California, USA

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