Clayton J. Barber

Clayton J. Barber grew up with movies from Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, whom inspired him to do martial arts. He chose, when 10 years old, Tae Kwon Do, for its acrobatic nature and its speed, and has achieved a black belt. Other skills of his are gymnastics and dance.

Unfortunately, he lost his first 6 tournaments, but didn’t give up. He decided to work harder and soon won his first local tournaments. Soon he became one of the best and member of the U.S.Tae Kwon Do team in 1986, but also in 1989, -94 and -95. He kept winning more and more tournaments in the 80s and 90s.

Some stats: 1995 Competitor of the Year USOC Amateur Athlete in Tae Kwon Do of the Year Gold at the US Open Gold at the US Team Trials 1994 Gold at the US Team Trials 4-Time US National Tae Kwon Do Champion (a.o. 1989, 1990) 3-Time US Olympic Festival Champion (a.o. 1989,1991) 3-Time National Collegiate Champion 1986 Gold at the Nort American Championships In short, many gold and silver medals the years -86, -90, -91, -94 and -95

Clay was not satisfied with these title and wanted more. His popularity and skills helped him in achieving more, as he wanted. He became a movie star. He’s been in several action movies, and is a great stuntman in some movies/series. Too bad he missed a role as “Hollywood” in WMAC-Masters.

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