Elmer Figueroa de Arce, better known as Chayanne, was born in Puerto Rico, the third of five siblings. He is married to Venezuelan Mariana Elizabeth “Marilisa” Maronesa de Figueroa, with whom he has a son, Lorenzo Valentino and a daughter, Isadora Sofia. Chayanne debuted as a singer at ten years of age, becoming a part of a Menudo-type group “Los Chicos.” His recording career includes 14 albums/CDs, 5 of these with Los Chicos and 9 others as a solo performer; all in Spanish. As an actor for television he worked on the popular soap opera “Pobre Juventad, ” he was also the star of “Tormento,” “Sombras del Pasado,” “Provocame” and “Gabriel”. As an actor in films he was featured in the Jacobo Morales film Linda Sara, opposite ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. “Dance With Me” was his first English acting job where his undeniable charm and expertise on the dance floor served him well. Additionally, he guest-starred in various episodes of “Ally McBeal.”

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