Cameron Judd

Cameron is a young actor with a love of film and theater. He began his journey into the world of entertainment at the age of 6 when he began taking acting lessons and participating in summer workshops at the Marquis theater in Northville, MI. The moment Cameron stepped on stage for the first time, he was hooked and has never looked back; it was an unbelievable transformation. By the age of 11, Cameron won a Best Young Actor Award from the LA Film Awards for his portrayal of a young boy coping with loss and dealing with bullies in an independent feature film. It was this jump into the world of film where Cameron discovered his passion and his driving force. He found his ‘people’ the moment he stepped inside a theater and his passion and purpose in front of a camera. Cameron loves improvisation, has a great sense of humor and possesses a natural response to his environment. He personifies joy in his daily activities and loves being a boy scout and working hard in school. Cameron has been singing since the age of three, and you always know where he is located inside his home as he is always singing a song, or acting. Knowing your passion at such a young age is a rare gift and Cameron hopes to spread as much joy as he receives from acting.

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