Blas Sien Diaz

Blas Diaz Figueroa, known as Blas “Sien” Diaz in the film and television industry, and better known as Sien el Moviemaker” in the music industry was born in 1977 in San Juan Puerto Rico. Sien is recognized for being the first reggaeton artist to be signed by the U.S. label known as “Terror Squad” with artist Fat Joe as his manager. Subsequently, Blas settled in Aventura, North Miami FL, with , Pure Blanco. And at the beginning of 2014 he is hired as an actor for the American series of “Showtime’s Homeland” Then went to work in Univision PR in Illegal Night and “In the lens of the Public Eye” where they won the TV Emmy for best report “Secuestro Express.” Not long after, he is hired again to work with Gina Carano (Deadpool) among other movie greats, in the movie “In the Blood” In this way, Sien manages to stay active in the movie/tv industry, and in the same way manages to distribute his music for these productions, and at the same time begins to work behind the cameras in production in PJ Gaffer LIghting and Grip captained by Pedro Juan Lopez and his spectacular work team and in this way is born his first official Album “The Real Moviemaker”. It is in this way that Sien manages to join the union of actors from California Sag-Aftra which places him in an unusual position for Puerto Rican talents, since it is something for someone residing in PR, to achieve without reaching the United States.

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