Ben Bela Böhm

Ben Bela Böhm grew up in Gummersbach, Germany. After attending the Grotenbach Gymnasium he studied at the Conservatory for Music & Performing Arts in Berne, CH. Then he was an ensemble member of the national theatre of Germany in Braunschweig, playing parts such as Mozart in Shaffer’s Amadeus, and Judas “Judy” Ischarioth in Good day in Hell by Rob Ballard. During that time he began studying improv under Keith Johnstone, writer of the standard book ‘Improv’, and soon began teaching and translating improv and storytelling workshops with K.J., also teaching improv at the University of Braunschweig. Then he moved into film & TV, is known for the hero next to Yvonne Catterfeldt in the ARD/Grundy co-production Sophie-Braut wider Willen, and small parts in international projects acting alongside Uma Thurman, Tom Hanks, and Naomie Harris.

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