Anthony Guajardo

Anthony Guajardo’s passion for the craft started at the age of 5 when he told his mom that he wanted to become an actor. She thought it was a phase but he begged her for years until she finally took him seriously. Anthony’s mom found a talent agency in San Antonio, Calliope Talent, that she believed could help. Anthony’s first job was for a Proctor & Gamble print ad: He also performed in commercials and live theatre projects, until he got his first taste of the “big time.”

Anthony booked a featured role in the film, “Shark Boy and Lava Girl!” He also spent a summer in Los Angeles. Right after, he took a break to focus on school. Anthony excelled in Technical Theater and History, and was Captain of the first spelling team for his high school. He came back to Calliope with an even bigger passion for the craft than he had when he first dreamed of becoming an actor!

Through faith, training, and perseverance Anthony landed a major guest-starring role on the AMC original series “The Walking Dead.” The on-set experience was one of the best moments of his life. The actors he worked with were all very talented and gave him so much to work with. From there, Anthony shot a national commercial campaign with AAA and starred in a short film with Director Rod Guajardo. Anthony has also been training extensively through his agency and management company, Calliope Talent, with leading filmmakers and casting directors.

Anthony also works part time for Calliope as a Production Assistant, and has fallen in love with the “behind the scenes” of acting!

Anthony hopes to inspire fellow actors to live their dream. With the help of Anthony’s supportive friends, manager, talent agency, and family, he knows he’ll achieve that!

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