Andrew Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs,

Born into a Mexican family in Los Angeles and raised in MacArthur Park, Andrew was always the performer, entertaining family and friends. Andrew was in and out of foster homes but then adopted by a French mother in Los Angeles. He now feels he has two mothers and is very close to both of them.

Andrew was recognized for his dancing and acting abilities and was challenged to enter a deal to excel in school in exchange for working in television and films. This he did. He accomplished his goals and enjoyed some glorious, fun times. Not only did he have fun, but it also became a creative time for the whole family to accompany Andrew on his adventures.

Andrew’s birth family was a lineage of gang families and Andrew inevitably made bad choices, resulting in some very bad times. He became a father at a very young age, but the love for his son convinced him to change his ways. He is now rediscovering his “sacred self”. He decided to return to acting after devoting his teen years to break dancing. He worked on a movie from a Russian Filmmaker and then in Paramount’s Paranormal Activity: the Marked Ones. Andrew realizes the passion for acting is branded in him. He truly thrives reading for amazing characters and being around remarkable film making.

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