Andrew Faulds

Faulds was born in Africa into a missionary family. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1948, but it was as a radio actor that he first became widely known, playing Jet Morgan in Charles Chilton’s “Journey into Space” on the BBC. In 1959, he and his wife were among those providing hospitality for the black-listed Paul Robeson during the latter’s season at Stratford. It was Robeson who, recognising his friend’s deep anti-racist convictions, persuaded him to go into politics, thus starting Faulds’ second career. Labour MP for Smethwick from 1966-1974, and for Warley East from 1974-1997, he would no doubt have attained ministerial office if his outspoken support for the Palestinian cause had not been mis-construed as anti-Jewishness.

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