Alex Cubis

Alex was born in Sydney, Australia. He was awarded the U.S. Green Card for Extraordinary Ability, and works as an actor, writer and producer between Australia and America. After graduating Dux (Valedictorian) of St. Aloysius’ College, Alex went on to study double degrees in law and arts (history) at the prestigious University of Sydney, where he received numerous prizes and scholarships. To further support his education, Alex worked as a tutor, clerk, paralegal, intern and landscaper. Halfway through his degree program he was offered work in theatre and thereafter soon started working as an actor in small projects, while also being signed to the well-known Chadwick Model agency. After first declining opportunities to star in feature films and popular soap operas in order to finish law school, Alex turn down jobs at consulting and law firms to accept acting work on Australian TV shows after graduation.

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