Alain Chanoine

On Friday, August 5th of this year, Montreal-born Alain Chanoine made a grand entrance into Hollywood with his role as the legendary mythological sex demon ‘Incubus’, the brother of Cara Delevingne’s ‘Enchantress’ in Warner Bros.’ massive feature film, ‘Suicide Squad’. Now in his early 30s, Alain has been honing his craft for over a decade. He was barely 20 and studying to be a police officer when an audition poster at his college caught his eye. His spur-of-the-moment decision to go to the casting call proved to be a massive game-changer: Alain landed the lead role in the feature film. Unfortunately, the project never got off the ground, but this initial success provided the inspiration that drove him to work full-time at becoming an actor. Although Alain has always focused on his acting career, he has also had tremendous success in stunts. When he was just 23 years old, the producers of the Wesley Snipes feature “Blade: Trinity” were looking for a double for the star and Alain seemed to be a perfect fit. Alain was a Canadian National Karate Champion at the time, and his world class martial arts skills led him to be chosen to fight Snipes, Jessica Biel, and Ryan Reynolds in the big finale playing approximately 20 different characters and dying as each and every one of them. Alain has since amassed more than 30 film & television credits as an actor, with projects that have taken him all over the world, including New Zealand and Bulgaria, among other destinations. Major Hollywood networks and studios are now giving serious consideration to Alain’s talent. In 2016 alone, Alain has been on the short list, or screen-tested for five different series leads, Fluent in English, French, and Creole, with the physique and looks of a male model and the acting skills of an Oscar-winner, Alain Chanoine has now captured the attention of the western world by playing ‘Incubus’. It’s a pretty safe bet that he will hold their attention for many years to come.

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