Adam Sietz

Beginning his entertainment career at the young age of 9, Adam wrote, co-directed and starred in his own original third grade school play: “Yes there is a Santa Clause”. A natural team leader, he wrote a part for each classmate and of course, he cast himself in the role of Santa Clause.

Adam has spent more than a quarter century writing, producing and performing in the Entertainment Business. As the Co-Founder of Big Hug Productions & Improvolutions, Adam oversees all fun stuff. New business development, creative consulting, writing and production. He delegates all of the really hard work to others.

Taking the risky path, Adam crossed over to the other side. He stepped in front of the camera and behind the microphone. It paid off…Literally. He became an Award-winning writer/producer turned, Award-winning comedian, and Award-winning actor.

. As a writer, he has written and performed with the National Lampoon and written extensively for television, animation, radio, corporate events and various private individuals from top Comedians to CEO’s. . As a comedian he has worked with some of the best Comics of this generation: Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Dave Chappelle, Louis CK…and some Comedy Legends: Jerry Lewis, Robert Klein, Rodney Dangerfield, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. . A lifelong impressionist, he swiftly became a highly requested voice-over talent for major national commercial campaigns, well known cartoons and a few of the biggest videogames of all time. . As an actor, he’s blessed to be cast in Academy Award, Golden Globe Award films and Tony Award nominated Broadway shows. He has been cast by some of the best producers and directors in the business and in more than a few Emmy award winning TV programs.

A soon to be published author, his bucket list is almost empty. So today, Adam is a consultant/coach of humor and effective spontaneity. He works with all types of performers from Entertainers to CEO’s. Politicians, Speakers, and other Coaches. Attorneys, Teachers, Executive Leadership groups. Anyone performing for an audience (of one or one thousand). He facilitates humorously entertaining and interactive one on one coaching sessions, full lectures and workshops on numerous topics. When he’s sharing his experiences and the “best of” playlist of wisdumb he’s acquired, he enjoys himself. This helps to assure his audiences always has fun while receiving valuable take away. He is inspiring others to become more confident, creative and connected to the present. To be comfortable exactly as they are. To just BE! With many corporate clients from AT&T – Zales, Adam can boast of working with 3 of the current top 10 fortune 500 companies.

He says his best work ever: His Children, Sophie, Noah and Benjamin (Co-produced with his beautiful wife Melissa).

Oh yeah, he is also an ADHD poster boy. Adam re-diagnosed himself with “Hyper Awareness” in his mid-20’s. He has combined the amazing power of ADD & Improvisa…”Look! Firetruck!”

You’ll find more information at his websietz: & improvolutions & bighugproductions.

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