Adam Breseman

Adam Breseman is an actor, writer, and comedian living in Los Angeles. Originally, he hails from a town of 150 people in Door County, Wisconsin. In an effort to join the rest of civilization, he moved to Chicago where he honed his skills in improv and sketch comedy at iO, Second City and Annoyance Theaters (he also perfected the dark art of writing in the 3rd-person).

His improv (and vocal) efforts led to a role on iO’s musical improv house team, 1st Beat, and his solo sketch characters earned him a place in iO’s SNL Showcase. When he’s not being a goon onstage, he’s learning from some of LA’s best at Groundlings, UCB, AMAW, and Ace Studios. He can be seen in a variety of short films and on the web series Apartment 101, Choose Me and The Maurice Show. You can also find him on episode 10 of Kristen Bell’s new Disney+ production, Encore!

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