Aalok Mehta

Aalok Sharad Mehta was born in Edison, New Jersey. He lived in Baroda, India for two years between the ages of 7 and 9. He is fluent in Gujarati. Aalok played tennis growing up in New Jersey. Along with his writer-director brother Anurag Mehta and the rest of his Cherry Hill East Tennis teammates, Aalok made history in the 90s by becoming the New Jersey State Champions in Tennis. He had a penchant for performing, mostly as a singer-songwriter throughout his high school years, singing in various bands and performing in talent shows. He went on to play tennis at TCNJ and then began a career as a musician. (sitar player,singer/songwriter) Aalok began acting professionally after he was approached by his brother to play the musician/lead of his debut film “American Chai”. He began studying acting in Philadelphia at The Acting Studio and really began to further his training in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Playhouse where he is still an student.

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